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From COVID-19 to homelessness to infrastructure, one thing is clear: we can’t wait any longer for change. We need systemic solutions now. California was a beacon of hope for generations of people seeking a better life. We have incredible potential, but we are not living up to it. Too often, politicians have valued corporations over people, and our communities have been left behind to fend for themselves. We are denied healthy neighborhoods, good schools, jobs, and healthcare. We deserve a California where we can all thrive.

It’s time that we elect representatives who will center our voices and fight for the systemic solutions our community deserves.

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With our communities struggling to access the resources we need to thrive and live with dignity, bold action is more critical than ever.

We are working for policies that will bring investments to our communities. We can’t wait any longer to guarantee healthcare justice, clean air & clean water, public safety, strong workers’ rights & protections, and housing for all. We need to act on fixing our infrastructure from our broken streets & sidewalks to a lack of green space. We deserve accountable leaders who will get the job done.

It’s time we truly value people over profits and pass policies that will radically change our communities for the better.


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California's Assembly District 65

includes Carson, San Pedro, Compton, Watts, Rancho Dominguez, Willowbrook, Wilmington, North Long Beach, Harbor Gateway, West Carson, Broadway Manchester

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