Meet Fatima

Teacher. Immigrant. Mother.

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair is a teacher, immigrant, and mother running for California State Assembly in District 64. She is running because she believes in a government that centers community voices over corporate profits.

Born in Dubai, Fatima's family immigrated to Canada and eventually to the US to find a safe haven away from the Gulf War. As a Muslim, immigrant, and woman of color, Fatima learned from a young age what it felt like to not belong. Yet, she also learned the power that came from fighting for her rights and building community. Fatima continued on to medical school, but found her passion as an educator and pivoted to become a public school teacher. She started coaching a cross country team, earned her teaching credentials, and began working as a teacher in Watts.

Before running, Fatima taught Chemistry & Environmental Science in Watts, building strong relationships with her students and their families. The first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night, Fatima dedicated her time and energy to her students. She started an award winning FIRST Robotics team, served as the Science Department Chair, and cultivated strong relationships with her students. While teaching, Fatima became an outspoken environmental advocate. She and her students studied air pollution from the local refineries and drilling sites, water pollution from contaminated pipes, and soil pollution in gardens, play areas, and their own football field. She became actively involved in local organizations and joined the Watts Rising Leadership Council. She currently lives in Carson with her husband and 6-year old son.

As a community advocate and teacher, Fatima saw the struggles her students and the district faced, from lack of health care access and unaffordable housing to education inequity and lack of economic opportunity. While she never expected to pursue elected office, these experiences inspired her to run for California State Assembly. She believes in putting people over profits, centering our right to belong, and asking the tough questions. She is fighting to bring accountability and compassion to Sacramento and promoting priorities such as clean air & water for all, affordable housing, and universal healthcare. She is passionate about a creating a government which is responsive to people and making our democratic process more equitable. She has taken the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, No Cop Money Pledge, Homes Guarantee Pledge, and refuses money from all corporate PACs so that she remains beholden to community members, not special interests.

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5429 Madison Avenue Sacramento, CA 95841