We are a people-powered movement, and we cannot do this work alone. We are proud to be collaborating with hundreds of volunteers and community stakeholders who all agree with the fact that it is time that government works for us. There are many ways you can join our movement for a better California. Whether you have 3 minutes or 3 hours, learn more about how you can support our campaign!

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This is a grassroots campaign that has taken the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge, the Homes Guarantee pledge, the No Cop Money Pledge, and takes $0 in corporate PAC donations. We are only able to run this campaign thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Any amount is appreciated!


We need people donating their time, energy, and expertise at every level. We have volunteer opportunities in field, policy, communications, fundraising, and numerous other tasks. Email us at info@fatimaforassembly.com if you’d like to join one of our volunteer teams, and make sure you sign up for our volunteer updates!

Host a Meet & Greet with Fatima!

Are you a community member interested in hosting a meet and greet with Fatima and your community to share your stories, concerns, and dreams and learn more about her? Sign up to host a meet and greet today!


Would you like to host a fundraiser for Fatima with your organization, family, friends, and/or community? Fundraisers hosted by individuals are an important way for us to expand our base and our message. Let us know if you’re interested in hosting!

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Stay up to date with our campaign by signing up for email updates! Connect with Fatima on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Following us and “liking” our campaign on social media helps us spread our message across California. 


For those who can vote in District 64, voting is the number one way you can support our campaign! Are you registered to vote? Check your status here or register for the first time to register to vote!

Upcoming Events

Sat 10/16, 11am-2pm

Saturday Canvass

Join Fatima’s #StreetTeam! RSVP to  Saturday shift. . No experience necessary!

Sun 10/17, 2pm-5pm

Fatima's Birthday canvass

Join Fatima’s #StreetTeam! RSVP for Saturday Oct 3, we will have a get together with food and refreshments before heading out to canvass..  No experience necessary!

Tues 10/19, 12:30-3pm

Tuesday canvass!

Join Fatima’s #StreetTeam! RSVP for Tuesday 12:30pm-3pm.  No experience necessary!

Sat 10/23, 12:30-3pm

Tuesday Canvass

Join Fatima’s #StreetTeam! RSVP to  Saturday shift. No experience necessary!

Sun 10/24, 2-5PM

Sunday Canvass

Join Fatima’s #StreetTeam! RSVP for Sunday 2-5pm.  No experience necessary!

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