Fatima's Policy Plan

Environmental Justice, Education Reform, and Housing Fairness

This District Needs Someone Who Will Fight For...

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Food

Let’s call it like it is: District 64 is experiencing environmental racism. With the presence of a large oil refinery, many natural gas refineries, chemical waste sites and lack of enforcement of building codes in this district, we have leaders who don’t have the political will or courage to say enough is enough. Clean air, clean water and clean food are basic human rights, and I won’t back down from this fight until we have achieved each of these priorities.

Primary School Education Reform

Public education should be the great equalizer and provide a path to upward mobility. However, the primary school education system has not traditionally supported our low income Latinx and black students. I will be your strongest advocate for increased public education funding, including free & universal pre-K, through any means necessary.

Affordable Housing & Tackling Homelessness

We are at a moral crisis. The rate of homelessness in Los Angeles has reached a ludicrous level, causing 198 people to die last year alone. Gentrification is happening in communities all around us. Being homeless is criminalized by lawmakers. Enough is enough. Home ownership is a key path to wealth and it is time for leadership that builds the wealth in the communities of our district, not reduces it.

Accessible College Education

No one should go into insurmountable debt to get an education. This is why I will advocate for making not only community college, but all public colleges tuition free. As a teacher, I understand the positive socio economic impacts that will come to our district from investing in public education from pre-K to college, instead of prisons and incarceration.

Join me in the fight for fairness

Join me in the fight for fairness

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